Illinois Town Overturns Video Gaming Ban

Trustees in the Village of Lake Zurich overturned a ban on video gaming machines, allowing the city’s 24 bars and restaurants to host up to four video gaming machines.

The Village of Lake Zurich, Illinois, trustees lifted a ban on video gaming with only one board member voting against. Mayor Tom Poynton, who didn’t have a vote said he would vote for the lift if he could.

The overturned ban allows for video gaming machines in 24 establishments that are licensed to serve liquor. Each business would operate five machines, which are required to be partitioned off and separated from the business, which can’t advertise the machines.

The village will take in $25 per machine and stands to make about $50,000 annually. Establishments could earn up to $100,000 given estimates from other towns. Establishment owners were present at the village’s meeting to advocate for the machines.

Previously, village board members would not permit video gaming machines. Illinois legalized video gaming in 2012.

Those against the lift, said the well-being of individuals is being bought and sold. Trustees said adults can choose to gamble. One of the trustees said the village shouldn’t interfere in the free-market system.

The village researched other municipalities and noted those locales did not see video gaming as a burden. Local governments recorded approximately $50,000 more a year on their books.

Village residents also participated in a survey with 94 residents for video gaming and 101 against.