Indian Online ‘Games of Skill’ Bill Postponed

A bill in the legislature of Nagaland Province, India to regulate online games of skill has been referred to a select committee and will not be voted on. The committee has three months to complete a report on the bill.

What had supposed to be a historic vote for online gaming in India has been delayed as a bill to regulate online games of skill in Nagaland province has been referred to committee.

The Nagaland Post reports that the Nagaland prohibition and gambling and promotion and regulation of online games of skill bill 2015 have been referred to a select committee by the Legislative Speaker Chotisuh Sazo.

The bill would have defined online games of skill that would not be classified as gambling.

For Nagaland Prohibition and Gambling and Promotion and Regulation of Online Games of Skill Bill 2015—headed by parliamentary secretary, Khriehu Liezietsu and members parliamentary secretary Mmhonlumo Kikon; parliamentary secretary, B.S. Nganlang; parliamentary secretary, L Khumo and parliamentary secretary, Dr Imtiwapang Aier, according to the newspaper.

The committee has been asked to present its report within three months.