Influencer Slot Outperforming Floor Averages

Brian Christopher’s Pop’N Pays More (l.), the Gaming Arts title themed around the top slot machine social “influencer,” is outperforming house averages in the field.

Influencer Slot Outperforming Floor Averages

The game created by Gaming Arts with help from “slot influencer” Brian Christopher, which carries Christopher’s likeness and builds his catchphrases into the game, is outperforming house averages, according to the supplier’s CEO.

Brian Christopher’s Pop’N Pays More, based on Christopher’s YouTube streaming of his slot play—which has led to millions of fans following the social media influencer on his YouTube channel and website—was launched this summer with an event staged at the special Brian Christopher slot area at the Plaza in Downtown Las Vegas. The game features an avatar of Christopher as the “host” for a collection of bonus events.

Mike Dreitzer, CEO of Gaming Arts, told the Las Vegas Review-Journal the game has been performing at anywhere from two to four times house average at many of the 17 locations where it has been placed.

“This whole process has been an eye-opening affirmation that our collaboration with Brian and his team for a groundbreaking game like this was a great idea,” Dreitzer said in an email to the newspaper. “We hope to continue to work with them on many more fun projects such as this one going forward.”

Christopher, in an interview with the Review-Journal, said the game strikes a chord with the estimated 5 million regular viewers of his live-streamed play.

“I think that’s why they’re so engaged with all the events we do, in our comments, in our videos, on our cruises together,” he said. “When they find out that there’s a slot machine near them, it’s a way for them to be a part of the experience, to play the game that they see Brian playing and feel a part of our community a little bit more.”