Iowa Bill Would Allow Dave & Buster’s

It required an act of the Iowa legislature raising the limit on the size of prizes that can be awarded by “amusement concessions (l.)” to pave the way for the Dave & Buster’s restaurant chain to open in the state. The bill now requires the governor’s signature.

Iowa Bill Would Allow Dave & Buster’s

The Iowa legislature has passed a bill that would allow Dave & Buster’s restaurants, which include arcades that have “amusement concessions,” to operate in the state.

The bill was approved 44-5 in the Iowa Senate, ignoring criticisms that the games are a form of gambling and that it might cause a replay of the TouchPlay” controversy of 2006, when TouchPlay machines were ordered shut down after being installed in hundreds of locations across the state. It was previously passed by the House

Existing state law sets a limit of $100 for “amusement concessions” which are the kinds of games the restaurant chain employs. The company told lawmakers it needed the law changed or it couldn’t locate there. It offers prizes that include iPads. The new legislation raises the limit to $950.

Supporters of the bill disputed that it would expand gaming in the state. “For everyone who is worried about a slippery slope, this is not the bill,” said Senator Dan Dawson, the bill’s floor manager.