JCM Global Partners with Cassida Pro

JCM Global has partnered with Cassida Pro on transaction and payment technology, including its Cassida Pro Zeus two-pocket currency discriminator.

JCM Global Partners with Cassida Pro

Cassida Pro announced that as a part of the company’s partnership with JCM Global, JCM will distribute the Cassida Pro Zeus two-pocket currency discriminator as a cashier assist solution to casinos.

JCM’s casino customers can utilize the Cassida Pro Zeus both in the cage and in the cash room. In the casino cage, the Cassida Pro Zeus cashes out casino patrons with a proprietary software that reads both TITO tickets and tickets with 2D barcodes printed from JCM’s GEN5 Thermal printer. In the casino’s cash room, Cassida Pro Zeus currency discriminators streamline cash processing with leading-edge bill recognition, counterfeit detection and minimalistic machine design.

“For more than 60 years, JCM Global has been a leader in payment technologies, and Cassida Pro is proud to partner with them to offer the casino industry our latest advancements in cash processing solutions,” said Matthew Holt, director of partnerships and operations for Cassida Pro.

“The opportunity to create custom programming on the Cassida Pro Zeus to read casino gaming tickets for JCM Global has been mutually beneficial. After many successful deployments in casinos, we were glad to show it to the rest of the industry at the Indian Gaming Tradeshow in Anaheim.”

“At JCM Global, we constantly seek to develop partnerships that will help our customers increase efficiencies, boost security, and enhance the player experience,” said Dave Kubajak, senior vice president of sales, marketing and operations for JCM. “We are excited to partner with Cassida Pro to bring leading technology to our customers’ cage environments. We are especially excited that Cassida Pro Zeus reads currency and 2D barcodes from TITO tickets, a technology JCM invented for the casino industry.”

In addition to distributing the Cassida Pro Zeus two-pocket currency discriminator, JCM Global is also offering the Apollo single-pocket currency discriminator.