Kentucky Targets Internet Cafes

A bill pre-filed in the Kentucky Senate is designed to clear up ambiguity concerning internet cafes, specifically making the operations illegal.

The Kentucky Senate will address the issue of internet cafes in new legislation designed to remove any ambiguity in the law and clearly establish that such operations constitute illegal gambling.

State Senator Mike Wilson pre-filed a bill that will amend Chapter 528.010 of the Kentucky Revised Statutes to outlaw devices used by internet cafes, operations that offer time on computers to play slot games and offer prizes.

“The first change comes under section 4, the definition of a gambling device,” reports the Online Poker News. “The bill would modify this to include any mechanical or electronic device located in a business establishment that is used to provide simulated game play for direct or indirect compensation. Some cafes had contended that indirect compensation, such as free internet access or sweepstakes entries, allowed them to offer gambling games. This modification would make that illegal.”

The bill would also define a simulated gambling program as one in which “any method intended to be used by a person playing, participating, or interacting with an electronic device that may, through the application of an element of chance, either deliver money or property or an entitlement to receive money or property.”