Legislation Would License North Carolina ‘Beach Bingo’

“Beach bingo” operators in North Carolina would have to pay $300 for an annual license under legislation recently passed by a Senate committee. Not limited to beaches, the small-scale games offer prizes of $10 or less. Bill sponsor state Rep. Pat B. Hurley said the law offers a way to track and regulate the games.

The North Carolina Senate Finance Committee recently passed a proposal to require “beach bingo” operators, who run for-profit small-scale bingo games, to apply for a 0 annual license. Operating without a license could result in a jail sentence of up to 60 days plus a ,000 fine.

The bill’s sponsor, state Rep. Pat B. Hurley, said requiring the licenses would offer a way to track how many beach bingo operators exist in North Carolina, as well as a way to regulate them.

Beach bingo games—which are not limited to operating on beaches–offer prizes of $10 or less.

Under current law, nonprofit organizations must apply for a $200 annual license to operate bingo games.