Meadows Launches ‘Go Fore It!’

The Pittsburgh-area Meadows casino, along with Scientific Games, launched a table game developed by two local inventors called “Go Fore It!”

Scientific Games and the Meadows racino south of Pittsburgh have launched a new table game developed by two local inventors. Called “Go Fore It!,” the game uses a golf theme to dictate the main goal—a low score.

Go Fore It! was invented by Ben Kowalski of Bethel Park and Jeremiah LeClerc of Canonsburg, both communities located within minutes of the Meadows’ Washington, Pennsylvania racetrack and casino. The object is to get a lower score than the dealer, but unlike blackjack, there is only one decision for the player—after the initial deal, the player can match his original bet with a “Back Nine” bet after seeing the first two cards. (Basic strategy says to make the Back Nine bet if the total of the first two cards is 14 or less.)

According to a report in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, Scientific Games Senior VP Roger Snow, who is in charge of table games for the company (and has invented several hit games himself), bought the game after one demonstration by Kowalski and LeClerc. Scientific Games launched it at California’s Red Hawk Casino, to mixed results.

The launch at Meadows, though, drew a packed crowd, thanks not only to the local connection but to heavy promotion by the casino.