Merkur to Live-Stream Product Demos

Merkur Gaming will conduct a live-stream product demonstration from its showroom in Luebbeke, Germany, to showcase the supplier’s new products for the year.

Merkur Gaming announced that beginning in early November, it will launch a live-stream product demonstration from the company’s showroom in Luebbeke, Germany.

Merkur Gaming CEO Athanasios (Sakis) Isaakidis said in a press release that Merkur, a subsidiary of Germany’s Gauselmann Group, is ready with a product plan as more familiar business levels resume. “We are not on holiday and we are not sleeping,” Isaakidis said in a press release. “We are working very hard to support our customers, in whatever they need, during these difficult times.”

Isaakidis said the new initiative to live-stream product demonstrations one example of the efforts being made to support Merkur Gaming’s customers with a range of new product developments that were planned to have been the highlight of the company’s presence at the now-canceled Global Gaming Expo in Las Vegas.

“What we will be bringing to our customers, starting in early November, will be a live stream presentation from our showroom in Luebbeke,” Isaakidis said. “This is not a ‘virtual’ event. Our invited customers will each be hosted by their own, familiar company representative, and in real time.

“They will be able to see our new products, our new cabinets and our new games, discuss them one-to-one, ask any questions they have and so get a very valuable first insight into what will be available from Merkur Gaming. I promise you, it will be intensive and it will be exciting. Exciting for us to be able to see our customers’ reactions and exciting for them to be up to speed with what we are very confident will be major hit products on gaming floors soon.”

Isaakidis went on to describe the supplier’s efforts to help customers reboot after the Covid-19 shutdowns. “We are, of course, encouraging the industry to ‘Restart with Merkur’ and, in quite a few locations, that is already happening,” he said. “Our business in eastern Europe, in the Balkans particularly, is as healthy as it can be in the current situation. In Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro and Macedonia, gaming entertainment is doing well.

“The recent announcement of the new gaming law in the Ukraine is truly exciting, and we want all our customers and business partners to know that Merkur is coming, and we expect to be a major supplier there. Early 2021 will see the first installations in the Ukraine and there will be some exciting new developments in Bulgaria also.

“In our home market, Germany, casino operations are doing well and the Gauselmann Group’s mainstay, the many gaming arcades that we operate, are active and providing players with the high class gaming entertainment that they have come to expect…

“Despite all of the difficulties of the past months, the entire Merkur Gaming team is looking forward to the challenges, and the opportunities, that lie ahead. We have always been passionate about our place in the national and international gaming industry and, right now and into the future, we are focusing on keeping that passion and looking forward to what will certainly be a bright future.”