Mexican Gaming Fair to Reconvene

ELA: The Mexican Gaming Fair, will reboot in May in either Mexico City or Cancun, following the passage of the country’s new gaming law.

ELA: The Mexican Gaming Fair trade show, idle the past four years as Mexico’s Congress debated a new gaming law, will reconvene in May 2016. Organizers say the decision to reboot the trade show was made after Mexican legislators passed the new Gaming Act.

The show’s organizers are reportedly consulting with major exhibitors from past ELA shows on where to hold the event, in its prior venue in Mexico City or at a new venue in Cancun.

“To this positive context we also have to add the huge drawing power that ELA exerts on operators from the U.S., Central America and the Caribbean,” said a statement from organizers, “who know that at this event, unlike many others, they will find all they need to fit out their gaming properties: slots, tables, displays, seating, carpeting, lighting, accessories, and much more.”

Slots in Mexico, which already generate substantial revenue, will be joined by live table games following passage of the new law.