Millennial Esports to Incorporate Amazon GameOn

Millennial Esports Corp. has announced that its mobile racing game, Gear.Club will add Amazon GameOn. The combination will be called Eden Games, and it will enable fans to experience competitive mobile racing combined with prizing.

Canadian-based Millennial Esports Corp. has announced that its Esports mobile racing game, Gear.Club will be adding Amazon GameOn, a new cross-platform competitive gaming service to create Eden Games.

Eden Games will be one of the first game studios to build the service into its games, and “provide our fans with a superior competitive mobile racing experience combined with the thrill of prizing,” according to the company.

Millennial Esports CEO, Alex Igelman, added, “The fact that Amazon chose to work with Eden Games speaks to the quality of Eden’s work and the strong relationships we have built, which will benefit our company on multiple initiatives with our partners in the Esports Racing vertical.”

Gear.Club is the only realistic racing game to integrate GameOn’s APIs and real-world prizing into its system.

Darren Cox, Millennial Esports’ chief marketing officer, said, “I think it is safe to say that Millennial Esports is making a big splash in the huge growth area of mobile Esports Racing and we’re bringing some of the biggest brands in the world along for the ride.” He added, “To have Gear.Club using Amazon GameOn’s service to run competitions so quickly after acquiring Eden Games also demonstrates the speed and success with which we have integrated the studio into the Millennial Esports ecosystem.”

Eden Games CEO David Nadal added, “As soon as we heard of Amazon’s new service, we knew we wanted to be involved, not only because it is Amazon, but because GameOn saves us months of development and a great deal of maintenance and logistical overhead in the long run. To be one of the first developers to integrate GameOn is both an honor for us and a real win for the millions of Gear.Club fans. Using GameOn to scale the size of the competitions we run in Gear.Club has made it easy for us to add leaderboards and tournaments.”