Mirage Opens New Lounges

The Mirage Hotel & Casino has a new Center Bar and Parlor Lounge, which feature special handcrafted drinks designed by an award-winning Chicago mixologist, while giving casino patrons more alternative for relaxing and having fun. The Center Bar is located near the center of the Mirage’s casino floor, while the Parlor Lounge is tucked away in a more intimate setting.

Handcrafted drinks are featured at the new Center Bar and Parlor Lounge at the Mirage Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas.

The recently opened Center Bar is located in the center of the Mirage’s casino floor and features handcrafted drinks created by award-winning mixologist Liz Pierce of Chicago.

Pierce specializes in creating unique and delicious drinks that combine unusual flavor pairings to create a new drinking experience, and the Center Bar will offer several boutique spirits.

The bar also will feature a special proprietary pale ale brewed by the CraftHaus Brewery in Las Vegas. The ale is made from Australian summer hops and fresh mangos to create a light and fruity pale ale that helps to maintain the casino’s rainforest theme.

The Parlor Lounge also offers the unique drinks, but in a more intimate setting with live piano music played on the lounge’s classic Steinway Grand Piano.

Tucked away from the busy casino floor, the Parlor Lounge is an ideal location to relax and unwind.