NASCAR, BetMGM Strike Betting Deal

NASCAR and BetMGM have agreed to a betting and promotion partnership to help both groups.

NASCAR, BetMGM Strike Betting Deal

NASCAR and BetMGM crafted a multi-year sports betting alliance in which BetMGM will collaborate to create and promote sports betting experiences, including introducing in-race betting options.

“Partnering with BetMGM positions NASCAR to build on the positive energy and momentum we’re seeing around gaming and in particular the live in-race experience,” said Scott Warfield, NASCAR Managing Director, Gaming.

BetMGM will have rights to NASCAR marks and will promote NASCAR on the betting giant’s mobile app,, BetMGM’s social media channels, and in BetMGM’s retail sports books.

BetMGM and NASCAR will also cross-promote each other, including marketing BetMGM on NASCAR’s digital platforms,, the NASCAR Mobile app, and social media channels.

Matt Prevost, BetMGM’s Chief Marketing Officer said, “We’re excited to work with the NASCAR team to build immersive sports betting experiences that 21st-century racing fans crave.”

In addition, BetMGM will expand the type of bets on its mobile app throughout the NASCAR season, such as pre-race and in-play bets. Among the potential opportunities: top-finishing drivers, driver matchups, stage winners and bets tied to the number of the winning car (over/under).

In 2021, BetMGM will offer live, in-play betting through a partnership with Genius Sports and Betgenius.