Nevada Gamblers Win in January

Casinos across the state saw a 2.8 percent drop in gaming revenue compared to the same period in 2013. Volumes were up for slots and tables, but “hold issues” brought the percentage down.

Nevada gamblers beat the house in January, as casinos statewide posted a 2.8 percent drop in year-over-year gaming revenue.

Casinos won $884.2 million during the month, down from $909.3 million in January 2013, even though the amount wagered had increased by more than $375 million, the Gaming Control Board reported.

“Volumes were up both for slots and tables, but we were impacted by hold issues, mainly table games and baccarat,” said Mike Lawton, senior control board analyst.

In January, the overall hold for card and table games was 11.87 percent, down from 12.17 percent during the same period in 2013, the Associated Press reported. For baccarat, the hold was 8.9 percent in January compared to 12 percent in the previous year.