New Jersey Official Comes Out Against Expanding Gaming in State

New Jersey Assemblymen Troy Singleton (l.), vice chairman of the New Jersey General Assembly committee charged with overseeing gaming issues in the state, has come out against expanding gaming beyond Atlantic City in an editorial in the Newark Star-Ledger. Several northern New Jersey legislators are pushing for expanding casino gaming to the Meadowlands.

Atlantic City has picked up another supporter for keeping a New Jersey monopoly on casino gaming.

Several northern New Jersey politicians have been pushing to expand casino gaming to the Meadowlands, but state Assemblyman Troy Singleton—whose district includes parts of several northern New Jersey counties—has come out against the idea in an editorial in the Newark Star-Ledger.

Singleton, a Democrat, is vice chairman of the New Jersey General Assembly Tourism and Gaming Committee.

Singleton said Atlantic City has made great progress in bringing in new non-gaming attractions and transforming itself into a full-fledged resort. Expanding gambling at this time could derail those efforts, Singleton said.

“Sometime in the future, a discussion on the expansion of gaming outside of the borders of Atlantic City may be appropriate, but now is not that time.” Singleton said. “Our statewide economy would be negatively affected and investor confidence in New Jersey’s ability to plan for the future would be irreparably harmed. New casino markets in the state will create a chilling effect on new capital expenditures in Atlantic City and its existing infrastructure, while cannibalizing gaming revenues within New Jersey.

The state cannot afford to waste the significant investment we have made in Atlantic City,” he said. “New Jersey’s effort to reboot this major center for economic activity has made too much progress to simply give up now. The potential for long-term success in Atlantic City is real and we cannot turn our backs on this vital American city. Together, we can make the rebirth of this city emblematic of the economic rebirth of our great state.