North Carolina Introduces Lottery at Gas Pumps

North Carolina will become the fourth state to offer lottery tickets to customers at gas station pumps. The “Play at the Pump” program will allow customers to purchase lottery tickets via debit card.

The N.C. Lottery has introduced a new form of lottery, called “Play at the Pump,” which allows for customers filling up for gas to purchase lottery tickets at the same time. The lottery gives players the option to play Powerball, Mega Millions, or Carolina Cash 5.

The tickets are purchased through a debit card, and are limited to $70 per week per card. A $1 service charge will go to the vendor, and any prize under $600 will be put on the debit card, while any prize over that amount must be claimed in person.

With the rapidly-changing world of technology, the lottery hopes by joining Minnesota, Missouri and California in an at the pump lottery program, it can appeal to both neophytes, and those who simply want a more convenient way of purchasing a ticket.

“You’ve got to keep changing if you want to stay up to date in the convenience business,” said Terry Harrell, a manager at Fairview Grocery in eastern Union County.