Optimal Payments Adds to NETELLER

Optimal Payments has added a new component to NETELLER by integrating NetVerify from Jumio into the online payment system.

Online payment provider Optimal Payments has added NetVerify online and mobile ID document authentication service from Jumio into its NETELLER payment system.

NetVerify converts customers’ mobile device cameras or webcams into an ID scanning terminal, offering an alternate way to verify ID and other credentials needed to access services. Optimal said the integration of NetVerify will enable customers to make instant and secure payments online in a variety of sectors, including the gaming market, according to a press release.

The company also said the NetVerify solution has helped reduce NETELLER’s account verification process from an average of 12 hours to less than two hours.

 “Our account verification process is now 80% quicker, making it faster and easier for customers to pay online,” NETELLER executive vice-president Lorenzo Pellegrino said. “Over three quarters of our account upgrades are now automatically processed through Jumio, saving hours of manual review time by our staff and benefiting our bottom line.”