Paradise Expects Greater Slot Demand in Macau

Paradise Entertainment expects increased demand for electronic games as Macau gaming phases out its VIP market. In a report, the group said there’s also room for growth outside Macau, including in North America.

Paradise Expects Greater Slot Demand in Macau

With the sharp decline in Macau’s VIP segment due to the city’s amended gaming laws, Paradise Entertainment Ltd. expects a surge in demand for slot machines, including slot-like electronic table games (ETGs).

An interim report from the company stated, “The new gaming law in Macau has accelerated the demise of the VIP gaming segment.” As a result, “We expect that the demand for our LMG (live multi-game) machines and other ETG machines should continue to grow.”

According to Asia Gaming Brief, Paradise is confident the machines will be in demand in the future, both in Macau and in overseas gaming markets.

Looking ahead, the firm acknowledged it will face headwinds due to the ongoing effects of Covid-19, an unstable market environment and geopolitical factors.

The report added, “With respect to our self-developed slot machines in the North American markets, during the six months ended 30 June 2022, the previous logistic issues concerning delay or cancellation of shipments which we experienced since the outbreak of Covid-19 have been gradually resolved, as the majority of worldwide shipping vessels resumed to the pre-Covid-19 servicing level.”

It continued that sale prices of the gaming machines has “become more attractive” as customers are switching “from leasing to purchasing slot machines and gaming products in these markets.”