Parents Part of Suit Challenging Ohio Racinos

A group opposed to Ohio allowing slot machines at racetracks has asked for parents of school students and gambling addicts to be granted standing to sue the state over the issue. The Ohio Roundtable wants the right to take Governor John Kasich to court over the constitutionality of the state’s seven racinos.

The Ohio Roundtable, representing both parents of school students and recovering gambling addicts has petitioned the Ohio Supreme Court to grant it standing to sue Governor John Kasich over his decision to add slot machines to the state’s seven racetracks.

The Roundtable, which has been a consistent opponent of any sort of gaming expansion in the Buckeye State, has sued to challenge the constitutionality of allowing video lottery terminals at the racetracks. It claims that this is an allowed form of gambling as defined by the constitution.

The governor violated the constitution by not putting the proposal to a vote of the people the suit contends, declaring, “One of the negative effects is the increased temptation presented by unconstitutional gambling to those who are vulnerable to gambling addiction.” The suit also contends that lottery proceeds are required to be used for education.

The Roundtable also argues that a former gambling addict who is a member of its board also has a legal interest in the impact of VLTs because he and his family are affected if there are more places that tempt him to gamble.

Lower courts have ruled that the Ohio Roundtable lacked standing to sue.