Pennsylvania Lawmakers Mull iGaming

Pennsylvania Rep. John Payne (l.) has introduced legislation that would legalize and regulate online gaming to help close a projected budget deficit.

Pennsylvania lawmakers, seeking for ways to plug a billion budget hole, are looking at internet gaming as a possibility.

State Rep. John Payne introduced a bill last week that would legalize and regulate online gaming. Payne, who is chairman of the House Gaming Oversight Committee, said in a statement that Pennsylvanians are among the millions of Americans who already gamble online illegally, and his bill well help the state tap that revenue to help plug the deficit.

Payne also pointed to a recent study by a Philadelphia consulting firm that concluded internet gaming is the largest potential new revenue source for the state’s gaming industry, estimating it would generate $120 million for the state in the first year.

“I think it’s important we consider all responsible options to boost revenue before we consider asking our taxpayers for more money to fill that deficit,” Payne said.