Pennsylvania to Consider Keno, Online Gaming

The Pennsylvania legislature is expected to consider implementing keno under the state lottery and legalization of online gambling.

As Pennsylvania lawmakers begin debating the coming year’s budget, a bleak revenue picture could lead them to expand legalized gambling to include keno and online games.

Among the measures to be considered in the coming weeks are a bill to expand lottery games to include electronic keno and another to legalize internet gaming in response to the nascent iGaming industry in neighboring New Jersey. Keno is the most likely to pass, according to top lawmakers interviewed by the Philadelphia Inquirer last week.

“There is very little concern expressed over keno,” Senate Majority Leader Dominic Pileggi told the newspaper, noting that there is a general consensus to legalize the game under the auspices of the state lottery. Online gaming has a much tougher road ahead in the legislature. Nothing is likely to move before the state Senate returns a study on the potential impact, due May 1 under a resolution passed by the chamber.

“There has been almost no discussion on the (online gaming) issue to date,” Pileggi told the Inquirer, noting that hearings and public input would be likely before any measure legalizing iGaming would clear the legislature.

The Senate Finance Committee heard testimony last week focusing on adding keno.