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Poll: Mobile Platforms Preferred in UK Online Gambling

A poll by Mobile Gaming Company Probability finds that 70 percent of online gamblers in the UK use mobile devices and 87 percent would recommend the experience to friends.

Mobile gambling company Probability has announced the results of a survey that found 87 percent of online players would recommend playing mobile entertainment gambling games to friends, family and colleagues.

“Real money gambling on mobile is now a mainstream and social activity in the UK, where 70 percent of adults are already known to participate in gaming and betting activities regularly,” Michael Byrne, Probability’s chief commercial officer said in a press release.

The survey also found that 26.9 percent of participants play and bet on their mobile device more than three times a week.

“With that level of ubiquity amongst consumers, it’s no surprise that real-money gaming is attracting increased attention as a low risk opportunity for non-gaming businesses to increase revenues, engage and entertain customers,” Byrne said. “Doing this on mobile through smartphones and tablets is now the preferred entry point for the majority of players in the UK.”