Quixant to Launch New Platform

Quixant will launch the QX-50 Ultra HD slot platform, which enables ultra high-definition slot screens, at next week’s Ice Totally Gaming trade show in London.

Gaming platform supplier Quixant announced that it will be previewing its latest gaming platform at next week’s ICE Totally Gaming trade show. The QX-50 Ultra HD is designed specifically to enable slot manufacturers to take advantage of the latest 4K Ultra HD resolution screen technology.

“Everyone is aware of the vibe currently surrounding 4K displays in the consumer market,” said Gary Mullins, group sales director for Quixant. “What Quixant is doing is enabling slot manufacturers to harness this new technology in their machines right now.

“4K displays provide exceptional quality benefits to gaming, where users are much closer to the screen than in other applications and the increased clarity is much more apparent. The QX-50 Ultra HD is the first complete, integrated gaming platform to have the performance and interface to drive these 4K monitors.”

The QX-50 Ultra HD is also the first gaming platform able to support the new Mantle API, which brings game console levels of graphics performance to the PC. Mantle enables the traditional but cumbersome DirectX and OpenGL APIs to be bypassed and provides up to nine times the number of graphics calls per second.

The QX-50 Ultra HD utilizes the same underlying APU and GPU technology that is used in PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Quixant has also extended its existing DisplayPort monitor range to include a selection of 4K Ultra HD monitors, which are designed specifically for gaming. The new 4K Ultra HD monitors can be supplied with a multi-point touch screen.

“Quixant is now able to provide a complete 4K Ultra HD logic box and monitor solution to gaming at a price point that makes sense,” said Mullins. “We believe this offers customers early access to increased performance, enhanced features and the next generation of display technology which will bring significant benefits.”