Outrageous pronouncements, simple statements and words of wisdom

“I forgot.”
James Packer on why he failed to inform New South Wales regulators in advance of his plan to sell 20 percent of his Crown Resorts shares to Melco Resorts & Entertainment

“We believe high-speed rail can be this generation’s Hoover Dam. It’s a great infrastructure project in a time when the country needs jobs, and the infrastructure it creates can have an impact for generations to come.”
Wes Edens, of Brightline, which proposes to build high-speed rail to link Los Angeles and Las Vegas

“I know you may be considering locations in other states who have recently announced a complete lifting of all restrictions. You deserve better than they are giving you. … We will be the safest destination to bring your employees, customers and families.”
Steve Sisolak, governor of Nevada, urging convention organizers not to leave Nevada for other states

“It’s clear that corporate travel and conventions will slowly ramp-up over the next few months and into 2021, however, we are seeing some signs of leisure travel increasing and I believe that Las Vegas should be the go-to destination to have fun and unwind during this stressful time.”
Matt Maddox, Wynn Resorts chief executive officer, calling for Las Vegas to lead the way in providing a safe place where people can unwind during the stressful times of Covid

“In our view, the (UK advertising) rules do not adequately address the peculiarities of social-media marketing, where funny content can quickly and effectively make esports betting more appealing to children and normalize the link between popular games and gambling. An awareness campaign for parents is also needed. Many parents might know that their children are playing esports in their bedrooms or following professional tournaments, but most are probably unaware of the strong link with betting. Last but not least, we also need a lot more research.”
Theconversation.com on an analysis of social advertising used by online gambling sites to solicit gambling on eSports

“We just want to put a show on and we can’t wait, even if there’s no audience.”
David Saxe, prolific Las Vegas producer frustrated by not being able to stage shows yet in Las Vegas due to the pandemic

“The decades old conversation is now pushed to fast forward mode because of the pandemic.”
Robert Ambrose, gaming industry consultant, on the impact Covid-19 might have on smoke-free casinos.

“If all other patrons are willing to wear masks and submit to temperature checks to protect the health of those around them, why not ask smokers to refrain from lighting up in public places?”
David G. Schwartz, professor at UNLV, on why non-smoking in casinos could gain traction.

“No credible public health expert would advise permitting smoking right now.”
Bronson Frick, director of advocacy of Americans for Nonsmokers’ Rights with a quote that says all it has to say.