Outrageous pronouncements, simple statements and words of wisdom.

“Even if there’s a requirement that you can’t get in unless you can prove you’re vaccinated, that would be acceptable. Because it would induce people who might be reluctant to get vaccinated to get vaccinated so they can attend an event.”
Bob Arum, Top Rank boxing promoter, on possible conditions to attend live fights back to Las Vegas arenas

“We argued before we agreed. And we fought before we found our middle ground. But here we are today, celebrating the most unique unicorn in political life: A genuine win for us all.”
Stephen Roe Lewis, governor, Gila River Indian Community, on updated tribal state gaming compacts between Arizona’s tribes and Governor Doug Ducey

“People must understand that tribes want sports betting but they can wait. People in the industry don’t understand that. It’s going to be retail first. Then, when the tribes decide they want mobile it will happen.”
Victor Rocha, National Indian Gaming Association, on why online sports betting in California will only arrive when gaming tribes are ready for it

“It’s only a matter of time before more marijuana companies start advertising. When that happens, all of sudden gambling is no longer on the vice radar. And it’ll be like, ‘Oh gosh, these marijuana companies, they keep advertising and advertising.’ Gambling will get trumped by marijuana.”
Aaron Moore, professor, Rider University in New Jersey, on hand-wringing about the negative impact of sports advertising—and why it could end

“Although the regulatory framework for Japan offers more challenges than many had expected, the appeal of the Japanese IR market underlying Adelson’s statement… still applies.”
Jay Defibaugh, CLSA Securities analyst, on the late Sheldon Adelson’s statement that Japan is the next “‘holy grail’ of the gaming industry”

“I just became paranoid, like the world’s come to an end. What do we do to survive? How can we get money? I wanted to have financial stability. And I think people just started gambling.”
Ohio tax preparer “TP,” who played blackjack to replace the lost income. She won $36,000, paid off her car and took a trip to Cabo San Lucas

“I want to kill those House of Representatives members that come from Yokohama and are in favor of casinos.”
Yukio Fujiki, the “Don of Yokohama” and chairman the Yokohama Port Harbor Resort Association, clearly displeased by political support for an integrated resort in the area

“While it might be more shocking that a kids’ monkey-collecting-bananas game would transform into a gambling den, these new apps would seem to invite extra scrutiny with their gambling-oriented visuals.”
Sean Hollister, editor, theverge.com, on Apple’s social gaming apps, which critics say are uncomfortably close to real-money online casinos