Outrageous pronouncements, simple statements and words of wisdom.

“Atlantic City receives 20-, 30-plus percent of its revenue from upstate New Jersey and downstate New York, and there’s no doubt it is going to have an impact on this particular market.”
— Jim Allen, Chairman, Hard Rock International, on the impact of downstate New York casinos on AC

“We need to regulate this urgently because it opens the door to corruption. Subsequently, we should consider approving a deadline for these contracts to be canceled.”
— Deputy Juan Antonio Coloma of the Chilean Chamber of Deputies, calling for regulation of sports betting, including ending sponsorships with sports organizations

“It is not the role of government or the gambling commission to tell people how much of their salary they are ‘allowed to’ spend on gambling. We would be providing better protections to consumers by moving to a black and white world where only financial indicators are considered.”
— Paul Scully, U.K. Culture Minister, on impending gambling reforms, which some have accused of “nanny-statism”

“If you talk to the Center for Gambling, gambling addicts and relatives, they say that advertising contributes significantly to the development of an addiction,” Bruus observed. “This is the case whether it is children, young people or adults.”
— Jeppe Bruus, tax minister of Denmark, on the need to restrict advertising of gambling to younger people

“I think we’ll have a product that’s every bit as competitive as FanDuel and DraftKings. “
— Michael Rubin,CEO of Fanatics, which is entering the sports betting market counting on its major retailing business to provide bettors.

“We understand that we are trying to sell, but then we also understand that we are trying to promote responsible consumption.”
— Wendy Knight, member of the Liquor and Lottery commission, on the conflicting elements sports betting in Vermont faces.