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Outrageous pronouncements, simple statements and words of wisdom.

“Any government funding for anything, particularly sport, is going to be emotional… What we’ve sought to do over the last 18 months is to take the emotion out of it and say, ‘The facilities are poor.’”
— Roy Barrett, chairman, Football Association of Ireland, defending an increase in the betting tax that would support the sport in the country

“Visitors are more willing to enter the streets of Macau than before, boosting the business of small and medium enterprises.”
— Maria Helena de Senna Fernandes, director, Macau Government Tourism Office, on the growing number of daily visitors to the Chinese gaming hub

“The report shows that despite a cap on the maximum spin speed, the proportion of stakes at the highest values decreased in the months following the changes and the proportion of sessions lasting in excess of an hour also decreased,”
— U.K. Gambling Commission, in response to a study that showed that limiting numbers of spins per player, banning autoplay and other images and sounds that gave a false impression of winning has not diminished slot play or enjoyment

“This program not only seeks to equip young people with important financial skills but also to create a support network within the school and community for those facing financial difficulties,”
— Carola Schouten, deputy prime minister of the Netherlands, introducing a program to teach the risks of gambling to children in primary and secondary schools

“We don’t need this money to bring this industry in. They need to stay out of here. It’s going to hurt people.”
— Rep. Abe Jones, an opponent of the sports betting bill recently passed in North Carolina.

“Using the tools available, BetMGM gave us substantial information that was credible enough for the commission to very quickly decide to cease all betting activity on Alabama baseball.”
— Matt Schuler, executive director of the Ohio Casino Control Commission, describing how the operator stepped up and stopped offering wagers on Alabama baseball games