Outrageous pronouncements, simple statements and words of wisdom

“There is no reason to put a casino on everybody’s kitchen table, in the bed of every young person, whether they are underage or of age, or on mobile phones. I don’t want people to get addicted.”
Las Vegas Sands Chairman Sheldon Adelson
, on his effort to ban online gaming through a new lobbying group

“We’re trying to tell these kids with the money they’ve got coming in when they graduate, you could actually start a business by yourself.”
?Gloria Griffin
, director, Cherokee Enterprise Development Center, urging young tribal members to make the most of per capita payments

“Where am I going to go look for a job? Where can I go? I don’t have money to go, keep going out looking for a job. I’m getting too old. I can’t keep starting all over.”
?Bruce Smith, a line cook who abruptly lost his job when Resorts World at Aqueduct fired 175 buffet employees

“We think it will take time to for Downtown casinos to capitalize on the renaissance taking shape, and would expect relatively modest growth in 2014 gaming win.”
?Union Gaming, on the gradual acceleration of revenues in the developing Downtown Las Vegas area

“In fact, Indian gaming has influenced—some might say corrupted—every level of government and nonprofit groups from the state Capitol to local Boy Scout troops, as the checks are doled out, both large and small.”
Hank Plante
, a Palm Springs journalist, asserting that gaming tribes have gained too much influence in California politics

“If we’re going to make this kind of radical change in our culture and public policy, maybe the people ought to vote on this and not just the legislature, which is influenced by special interests.”
Former Massachusetts Attorney General Scott Harshbarger
, commenting on an initiative he favors that would undo the state’s 2011 gaming expansion law

“This is a controversial industry with a very sophisticated, nuanced law to try to make it as good as possible,” he said. “That gives lots of room for people to be knocked out of the box, and that’s happening.”
Stephen Crosby
, chairman of the Massachusetts Gaming Commission, answering critics who say that his panel is too tough on casino license applicants

“People don’t come to see the individuals. People come for a good time and tickets that are not $200 like they are to watch the 49ers.”
?Bob Thain, Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame, on the possible defection of superstar cowboys from the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association. The PRCA brings the National Finals Rodeo to Las Vegas

“I didn’t know you were in such need of money that you have to sell the scrap.”
?George Oglivie III, attorney, in a shot at CityCenter for removing loose junk from the doomed Harmon Hotel. Ogilvie works for general contractor Perini Building, which built the flawed structure

“The stakes have never been higher. The more land in our community that the Cayugas purchase and then refuse to pay taxes on, the more devastating the financial impact will be on generations to come.”
?Michael Nozzolio, New York state senator, who says the Cayuga Indians cannot legally acquire property and then refuse to pay the taxes

“Cordish hasn’t turned a shovel or poured a foundation. And it has paid a pittance for the privilege of controlling a large, potentially highly lucrative piece of real estate. It deserves no special favors from the city.”
?John L. Smith
, Las Vegas Review-Journal, on a plan by David Cordish to build an arena in Downtown Las Vegas

“You have casino security guards with a binder full of names and photos they’re supposed to recognize. It doesn’t work.”
?Robert Williams, Canadian gaming researcher, on the inadequacy of self-exclusion programs

“It’s important to us to ensure that gaming is fun and entertaining. Problem gaming is not good for us or our business.”
?Tamara Hicks, spokeswoman,  Paragon Gaming, on concerns about compulsive gambling at the company’s Vancouver casino

“It was cool the night I hit the jackpot, but that was quite awhile ago and we haven’t hit anything since.”
?Alice Ballard, gambler, complaining about tight slots at the Kansas Star Casino

“I’ve gone there four times, and I’ve never won a thing. I wish we could go to the one closer, but we never, ever win anything.”
?Kenny Patterson, Kansan, who drives to an Oklahoma casino because he just can’t win at the Kansas Star

“It’s sort of like after you’ve had the flu. It’s that next morning, when you take the first step on your feet. You can get up and get moving again. I think that’s where we are in 2014.”
?John Stater, research manager at Colliers International, on a resurgence in the Nevada real estate market

“Our first simultaneous online and mobile launch is a great cause for celebration. It firmly underlines our commitment to mobile and providing the same top quality content across all channels.”
Leigh Nissim
, IGT Interactive’s commercial director of interactive on the release of Hasbro’s Battleship game as the company’s first simultaneous release of a game for both mobile and online platforms

“International represents about 17 percent of the market share today. We want to grow that to 30 percent.”
?Rossi Ralenkotter, Las Vegas Convention & Visitors Authority, on growth in tourism from foreigners, especially the Chinese

“We have to evolve that product, and I think we will. This is a time when the gamers, the younger people who are on their smartphones, have to be addressed from a gaming perspective.”
?Jim Murren, CEO, MGM Resorts, who said slot revenues grew in 2013, but no one should be complacent

“Young people have little inclination to play slots.”
?Deutsche Bank, in a report about the changing face of gaming

“I describe it as a mashup of Club Babaloo, Ed Sullivan, Johnny Carson, the Copacabana in New York, and the Tropicana in Havana.”
?John Unwin, CEO, Cosmopolitan Las Vegas, on the opening of the curiously named club Rose Rabbit Lie