Outrageous pronouncements, simple statements and words of wisdom

“Since both parties in this deal are essentially two sock puppets connected to the same pair of arms, one can’t help but imagine a desperately lonely teenager creating bogus social media profiles to ‘like’ his/her own Facebook posts.”
Steven Stradbrooke
on CalvinAyre.com about last week’s deal between Caesars’ entities


“An entry fee is something that would perhaps cause people to think twice and would assuage those who fear the government is going hastily into a policy that could have negative ramifications for the Bahamian public.”
Bahamas Gaming Board Chairman Andre Rollins
, advocating a $200 gambling fee for residents, but not tourists


“These are tribal people who I’m related to by blood who are telling me I don’t belong. It’s no longer us against them. It’s now us against us.”
Ben Hinmon
, a former member of the Saginaw Chippewa tribe of Minnesota, commenting on the phenomenon of disenrollment among gaming tribes


“Virginia has long opposed gambling, mostly on moral grounds. But there’s a sound fiscal reason not to join the game: It’s a sucker’s bet. Just ask Delaware—and, in a few years, the other states that will be scrambling to prop up failed ventures.”
Editorial, the
Virginian-Pilot, arguing that Virginia should not allow a casino in the state in response to Maryland building a $925 million casino across the Potomac River


“We’ve designed this indoor/outdoor venue to make all guests feel like VIPs. Nobody in town has the stunning views we have. The $5 million lighting displays will be the most incredible ever seen in Las Vegas. The club is absolutely the star bathed in pink and black with the most incredible sound system in the world. Every idea I’ve had in my head almost the last 20 years of nightlife that I was never able to do before will now be done here.”
?Victor Drai, the “King of Clubs,” who will open a $100 million rooftop club at the new Cromwell in Las Vegas


“My God, no! No one around here wants this.”
?Margaret Packard of Henrietta, New York, who lives near the site of a proposed Seneca Indian casino


“If racing’s not involved, it’s something we would have to oppose. But hopefully, it won’t get to that point.”
Josh Rubenstein
, chief operating officer, Del Mar Thoroughbred Club, on the desire of California racetracks to be included in any bill that legalizes online gaming in the Golden State


“Legalized online poker would add to problem gambling, while draining money from other segments of society. That hardly would be a boon to California’s economy, its culture or its budget.”
Merced Sun-Star, on the possibility of California lawmakers legalizing online poker


“It’s possible that in a state where many low-income people have easier access to a casino than to health care, gambling has reached its saturation point.”
Editorial in the Luzerne County, Pennsylvania
Citizen’s Voice criticizing the state’s legalization of small games of chance at bars, a new law which has only resulted in license applications from six bars across the state


“At the end of the day, when millions of dollars have been wasted on this fight, Sheldon Adelson, win or lose, will still be one of the richest men in the world. Perhaps the old adage of, He has more money than he could ever spend’ is literally true in Adelson’s case.”
Column by Steve Ruddock
of OnlinePokerReport.com criticizing Sheldon Adelson’s multimillion-dollar campaign to ban internet gaming