Outrageous pronouncements, simple statements and words of wisdom

“It is unfortunate, when an industry undermines itself. This fight is tarnishing the entire industry. You just raise a whole specter of negativity that I think is unfortunate and inappropriate, after we have spent the last three decades with a message that gaming is just entertainment enjoyed by responsible adults.”
Jan L. Jones
, a former mayor of Las Vegas who is now the head of government relations at Caesars Entertainment to the New York Times on the current battle in the gaming industry over banning or legalizing online gambling in the U.S.


“France is always an important partner, no matter what is the issue you deal with. Yet, from a market standpoint, I don’t think the French market is a crucial one for bringing shared liquidity to life. Of course, things change if seen from an institutional standpoint, as the fact that French authorities are withdrawing from the project is indeed quite a blow. Not having France onboard changes the idea of creating an expanded shared-liquidity network that overtime could develop in a sort of pan-European market.”
Albert Agustinoy Guilayn
, DLA Piper Spain partner and gambling specialist to PokerNews on France’s decision not to join a shared liquidity project for European online gaming


“Atlantic City is a curse and a blessing. When it’s doing great, taxes for everybody else countywide are lower. Now it’s faltering. Everyone else has to share the pain.”
Michael Bargnell
, mayor of Ventnor N.J., a neighbor of Atlantic City, on how the resort’s fading fortunes is impacting taxes throughout Atlantic County New Jersey


“This RFA was designed to attract bidders who are committed to realizing the highest impact and best value to New York State, the applicable region and host locality. The measures and metrics contained within it are comprehensive and realistic and bring with it a commitment to integrity and responsible public policy.”
?Stuart Rabinowitz, New York casino siting board, which issued a request for applications March 31

“The fact our housing prices escalated at such a tremendous level is something we need to keep a very close eye on. Those numbers are not sustainable. We know they are not sustainable, and we have real threats relative to creating another bubble.”
?Jeremy Aguero, economist analyst, on the Nevada housing market, who adds Nevada businesses are in “better shape than they were going into the recession

“One day I was out at the pool and I realized our guests were looking up and staring at the steel. I couldn’t stand looking at that steel.”
?Michael Leven, president, Las Vegas Sands Corp., on a million-dollar tarp erected to cover an unfinished condo tower in Las Vegas

“The numbers are not that big a deal. No one’s making a killing yet.”
?John Farahi, CEO, Monarch Gaming, on his decision not to go into online gaming

“People gambling in their house is very, very different than having to go to a casino. I’m not an advocate of online gaming.”
?Ken Adams, Reno gaming analyst

“It not only shows that the region is doing a phenomenal job of retaining loyal customers, but it also proves that the message of Reno-Tahoe as a family friendly destination is drawing a new group of multigenerational visitors.”
?Christopher Baum, Reno-Sparks Convention and Visitors Authority, on a new report that says visiting families stay longer and spend more than adults


“It’s the highest party in Vegas.”
?Lucas Dick, son of comedian Andy Dick, in a video touting Las Vegas’s High Roller observation wheel

“My daughter requested it. She seemed so excited to have me ride it and take a selfie for her.”
?Tony Anouvongs, one of the first riders on the 500-foot High Roller observation wheel in Las Vegas


We don’t want it. We don’t like it. We are opposed to it. We will fight it. Those were not exactly the words put forth by the city council in the city east of Peoria. But, whatever was said, it meant the same thing: Get out of Dodge.”
?Peoria Times, on controversy in Glendale, Arizona about a proposed tribal casino

“Economic growth, good jobs and enhancement to the region and community are paramount to this effort and we look forward to seeing what bidders have to offer.”
?William Thompson, New York State casino siting board that issued a request for applications on March 31

“A smaller property allows you to keep things new and fresh. You know a customer’s personality, their wants and what they dislike. And you also know the level of service to provide.”
?Karie Hall, general manager, the Cromwell boutique hotel, soon to open in Las Vegas

“It’s a more personalized experience. We’re not processing you, we’re tapping into you. What are you here for? What are your interests? In a way, we’re all trying to do that in Las Vegas.”
?Matthew Chilton, general manager, the upcoming Delano boutique hotel in Las Vegas

“It is difficult to fathom Boston Mayor Marty Walsh’s recent maneuvering over Greater Boston’s only casino license. Walsh — a pro-jobs, pro-union, pro-casino guy — is digging in for a prolonged fight with the state Gaming Commission over his claim that Boston qualifies as a ‘host community’ for both of the dueling casino proposals.”
Boston Herald, commenting on Boston Mayor Marty Walsh’s assertion that he, not the Massachusetts Gaming Commission, has the authority to designate the city as a host community for two casinos that would be just outside the city’s boundaries, in Everett and Revere


“You can put lipstick on a pig and it’s still a pig. This is adding just a little more rouge or a different tuxedo.”
Steve Duprey
, an opponent of expanded gaming in New Hampshire, commenting on a bill that recently passed the Senate


“This bill looks a lot like a late-in-the-game substitution by a coach who faces possible defeat.”
Harold Janeway
, of the Granite State Coalition Against Expanded Gambling, commenting on the Senate bill that would authorize two casinos in New Hampshire


“The business with Mayor Walsh is unexpected. He seems to have felt that Mayor Menino didn’t do a very good job, and he’s throwing out Mayor Menino’s work and starting over again.”
Massachusetts Gaming Commission Chairman Stephen Crosby
, commenting on Boston Mayor Martin Walsh’s efforts to have Boston declared a host community of the casino proposals targeting Everett and Revere


“With the safety of our horses, the integrity of competition and the general perception of the sport all at risk, we cannot afford to wait any longer Enough is enough.”
Ogden Mills Phipps
, president of the Jockey Club, pledging to work with lawmakers to investigate the controversy surrounding allegations by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals involving alleged mistreatment of horses and improper medication policies


“If there are states that don’t have as sophisticated a regulatory structure as we have, that’s something we can offer. If your state doesn’t have the infrastructure, use our capabilities.”
Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval
in an interview with the Las Vegas Review-Journal, inviting other states to join the Multi-State Internet Wager Agreement now in force between Nevada and Delaware