Outrageous pronouncements, simple statements and words of wisdom

“California is the largest state in Indian gaming and the driving force in Indian gaming.”
Alan Meister, author of the annual Indian Gaming Industry Report that was released last week

“When Suffolk Downs officials warned recently that this racing season may be the last unless Mohegan Sun gets a casino license, they further undercut any notion that the track is an independent enterprise. Walsh and the city can make a strong case that the commission should reject the charade.”
Boston Globe, supporting Boston Mayor Martin J. Walsh’s bare knuckles tactics in trying to obtain “host city” status for a proposed casino in neighboring Revere, Massachusetts

“They overreached. But beyond that they endanger the state’s already shaky reputation as a good place to do business. Let’s all hope the Supreme Judicial Court makes that clear too.”
Boston Herald arguing that the anti-casino group Repeal the Casino Deal has gone too far with its referendum to repeal Massachusetts’ gaming expansion law of 2011

“It’s not about casinos; it’s about democracy and people’s right to govern themselves.”
John Ribeiro, chairman of Repeal the Casino Deal, arguing that the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts should allow a measure to go to the ballot that would repeal the 2011 casino expansion law

“It has been a customary practice here for years to include the state’s racing regulators in our opening day activities. We are careful to ensure that this is done within the appropriate ethical parameters and that we seek reimbursement where required.”
William J. Mulrow
, chairman of Suffolk Downs, reacting to criticism that Massachusetts Gaming Commission Chairman attended a reception put on by the racetrack honoring the 140th anniversary of the Kentucky Derby

“But politics, unlike sports, doesn’t have clear-cut rules. And so, Wednesday, casino advocates will get another shot at trying to push the ball over the goal line. Imagine the losing team getting another shot at a win by saying, ‘Excuse me ref, we’d like to reconsider.’ It would be absurd.”
Editorial, the Portsmouth Herald
, commenting about New Hampshire House members maneuvering for another vote on the Senate proposal for a law authorizing two casinos in the Granite State after they lost 173-172

“I think that just might be a high hill to climb this year.”
Delaware Senate Minority Whip Greg Lavelle
, commenting that general budget woes and low revenue projections could kill legislation designed to ease the tax burden on the state’s struggling racinos

“If they get their way, gambling will be available in every home, every bedroom, every dorm room, on every phone, tablet and computer everywhere, 24-7. Targeting families, kids, the elderly.”
Television advertisement sponsored by Sheldon Adelson’s Coalition to Stop Internet Gambling

“We do not expect the fundamental challenges facing IGT to materially abate over 2014. However, we do believe several unique and attractive growth opportunities have emerged, which, if properly executed upon, could help mitigate the overall impact of a sluggish core North American market on bottom-line results.”
Stifel Nicolaus Capital Markets gaming analyst Steven Wieczynski
, commenting that the interactive division of slot-maker International Game Technology is its best hope to mitigate dismal second-quarter results

“We were mistakenly too vocal about it. It was our intent to be the first out, but we sort of realigned our vision to be about being on every device. The delay made me realize this is a long game and we’re at the beginning of a new era of gaming. It really doesn’t matter if you were first or not and it doesn’t matter if you trip out the door. All this is going to change with education. New customers will come out and define a different type of experience. It will be an evolution over the next couple of years.”
Lawrence Vaughan
, part owner of Real Gaming to the Las Vegas Review Journal on the delayed launch of Real Gaming online poker in Nevada

“I see what exploitation of the poor and vulnerable people does to a family. I don’t want a casino to be put on every kitchen table or iPad. I know I’m a Republican and I’m not supposed to be socially sensitive, but I am socially sensitive.”
Sheldon Adelson
, Las Vegas Sands Chairman, speaking at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas on his push to ban online gambling