Outrageous pronouncements, simple statements and words of wisdom

“Quality horses are leaving Texas, along with the breeders and the farms, and the whole thing trickles down to even the guy that supplies the hay. It’s really not just an impact to the racetrack, but it’s a wider agricultural impact too.”
Andrea Young
, chief executive officer at Sam Houston RacePark, on a bill that would legalize slots at racetracks in the state, creating 75,000 jobs

“Our attorneys have faith in the impartiality of the Supreme Judicial Court, but, as a grass-roots activist new to this world, I have to say this sure puts some of what we have heard in perspective and is a reminder of the deep tentacles of this industry.”
John Ribeiro
, chairman of Repeal the Casino Deal, commenting on the fact that Robert Cordy, one of the justices who will decide if an anti-casino referendum qualifies for the ballot, has in the past represented one of the casino developers, Suffolk Downs, when it had a different owner

“The attorney general, the governor, the gaming commission have all been directly influenced by casino interests. But I wouldn’t have said it about the SJC before you told me this. I watched the oral arguments and was surprised by Justice Cordy’s vehemence.”
Matt Cameron
, general counsel for No Eastie Casino, commenting on Justice Robert Cordy part of the Supreme Judicial Court, which will decide whether to let casino repeal referendum go on the November ballot in Massachusetts

“Those who haven’t been paying their required child support shouldn’t be out gambling to begin with, and any money they win should first go to feed and clothe the children they are neglecting.”
Columbus Dispatch, about a proposal in the Ohio legislature to allow the seizure of casino winnings to help repay back child support

It makes investors’ heads spin at the dizzying pace of capital structure actions, asset sales to related entities and other not-so-arm’s-length transactions in the structure. But that is the point, in our opinion. It has become so complicated and so cumbersome that challenging these moves in bankruptcy would surely take years to sort out.”
?Barbara Cappaert, KDP Investment Advisors, on the complexity of Caesars Entertainment’s restructuring approach, which has been challenged by some investors

“What’s in that saying? You can’t eat if you’re not at the dinner table. You can’t go to China one time and expect to get something the first time you go. It’s client development.”
?Tom Skancke, Las Vegas Global Economic Alliance, on why he will visit China three times this year to recruit investors

“We’re the hip, cool kid in town. We’re the only property with two theaters and we have great restaurants and retail to go along with it. We’ve got a fun vibe with a lot of energy.”
?Jerry Irwin, general manager, on expansion at Planet Hollywood’s Miracle Mile Shops

“Pawn shops and payday lenders are the only businesses that benefit from casinos. I need to know so I can sell by business, sell my home, and get out before it’s too late.”
?Rebecca Eckel, doctor and resident of Schoharie County, NY, who says she’ll leave if a casino is built there

“The danger of caving on Soft 17 is that it would set a precedent for other machinations with the basic rules of blackjack. The surrender option would be a likely next target. That, too, is a minor benefit to the player. Then, the road would be paved for the abomination of 6-to-5 blackjack.”
Commentary by Mark Gruetze
of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review criticizing a consultant’s recommendation that regulators tighten up the state’s player-friendly blackjack rules to increase the house edge

“Deadwood was on the cutting edge, you know. We were the third jurisdiction after Nevada and New Jersey. And then, of course, the rest of the country caught up and surpassed us…And so we’re very hopeful the people of South Dakota will understand that Deadwood needs those games to be competitive.”
Mike Rodman
, executive director of the Deadwood Gaming Association, on the association’s efforts to add keno, craps and roulette to Deadwood’s slots and card games

“I couldn’t believe it when I won it. I kept saying over and over again, ‘This can’t be true’. I didn’t sleep for two whole nights and my wife was climbing the walls as we waited over the bank holiday to see the money in our account. We are just so happy and enjoyed a nice bottle of Dom Perignon to celebrate. I was nearing retirement but now I can retire a wee bit early and put my feet up.”
An unidentified William Hill gambler
—he wishes to remain anonymous—whowon €1.6 million on a one pound bet playing Pig Wizard on a mobile tablet

“Thousands of Americans play games online now, some for a wager and some for entertainment. The fast-paced trading of securities with no limits already takes place 24 hours a day, enabled by internet access.  Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware have legalized the Internet as a vehicle for the play of wagering games. The horse is out of the barn. Closing it now and punishing anyone that plays or offers gambling via the Internet is out of touch with reality.”
Joe Valandra
, the chief executive officer of Great Luck LLC, an online gambling firm that works with Indian tribes in The Hill opposing a federal ban on iGaming

“I think it’s culturally devastating and utterly deceitful, most people lose. It’s a free world, people can upload what they want, but someone needs to tell them they are entrapping and ruining somebody who sees it and says ‘That could be me.’ Your joy at winning can only be at the cost and sorrow of somebody who loses.”
Tim Costello
, chair of the Australian Churches Gambling Taskforce to Australia’s MailOnline on a new trend of gambler’s posting video of online jackpot wins to Youtube.