Outrageous pronouncements, simple statements and words of wisdom

“I am not sure I like Gary Loveman, if it’s all the same to you. But I’d like to have the Sheldon Adelson. If I have a choice, I will take the Sheldon Adelson prize.”
Steve Wynn, on a recent earnings call in which an analyst said he deserved the Gary Loveman prize for a big vocabulary (Wynn said the Chinese economy is “inexorable”)


“We have to recognize there’s an inevitable march of change. You can’t hold it back.”
Phil Satre, chairman of IGT, to the Reno Gazette-Journal on the evolution of Reno as IGT is bought by GTECH, which follows It’s corporate move from Reno to Las Vegas and the move of his former company, Harrah’s, from Reno to Memphis


“New casinos open every day. We have to stay competitive. We can’t be stagnant, boring or unkempt. If we don’t update, customers will think about going elsewhere.”
Sean Sullivan
, vice president and general manager of Pennsylvania’s Meadows casino, on the casino’s recent upgrades and restaurant revamps totaling $6 million


“This dance has been going on for 20 years.”
Anonymous source to the Las Vegas Review-Journal revealing that IGT and GTECH, to merge by next year in a mega-deal, have actually been exploring a merger for two decades, with IGT coming very close to buying GTECH in 2000 (GTECH will buy IGT in the new deal)

“I would shudder to think what Indian country would look like without the revenues that come in from Indian gaming. “No one believes… that the federal government has enough money to fulfill our trust responsibility to Indian tribes in the federal appropriations process.”
Kevin Washburn
, Department of the Interior Assistant Secretary for Indian Affairs, commenting before the Senate Committee on Indian Affairs earlier this year

“California is full of Indian tribes. Of the approximately 350 federally recognized Indian tribes, 110 are in California. And every recognized tribe has the right—at least potentially—to set up some sort of online operation.”
Martin Owens
, attorney for the Iipay Nation of Santa Ysabel, who have begun operating an online poker room in California—in advance of any legal authority to do so

“The terms requested by the Pueblo of Pojoaque are characteristic of its reckless and unreasonable approach to negotiations. These terms raise serious questions about predatory practices, responsible gaming, and the safety of visitors to Buffalo Thunder and Cities of Gold.”
Enrique Knell
, spokesman for New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez, reacting to the proposed state gaming compact that the Pojoaque Pueblo submitted to the federal government after talks broke down between the tribe and the state

“Despite the success of some tribes, Indian gaming has provided little benefit to many tribes. Geographical location is a barrier for economic development of any kind, and certainly Indian gaming is not immune from geographical limitations.”
A. T. Stiffen
, chairman of Assiniboine and Sioux Tribes of Fort Peck, testifying before the Senate Committee on Indian Affairs

“SLS was born on the site of the old Sahara, which was the hotspot on the Strip for decades. The biggest celebrities of the day were often found just hanging out in the casino and lounges—the Rat Pack, Judy Garland, the Beatles, you name it. Throughout construction, we came across incredible artifacts that told the story of what once was—everything from table games to an old zoot suit. It’s humbling to reflect on the history of the space and what it meant to so many people.”
?Rob Oseland
, president, SLS Las Vegas, on the former Sahara’s long entertainment legacy


“Underneath the grandstand we see a remarkable sight and a clear statement of intent. There is a huge, empty gambling hall, complete with unused counters.”
?Sky News, on a racetrack on the Chinese mainland, which still bars casinos. Many there believe China will relax its gaming laws

“There are two ways to make money in business; increase revenue and decrease costs. We try and do both.”
?Craig Estey, founder, Nevada Restaurant Services, on the pared-down efficiencies of the Dotty’s slot taverns

“Overall we would characterize New Jersey’s internet gaming results as disappointing. It may have partially dissuaded its neighbor Pennsylvania from moving more hastily. Most third-party internet gaming forecasts for Pennsylvania and California remain absurdly high given the data we have seen from New Jersey.”
?Adam Krejcik, Eilers Research, on slow growth in digital gaming in the U.S.

“These principles reflect the existing regulations in Gibraltar for ensuring online gaming services are safe and reliable. For nearly two decades Gibraltar has helped set the standards for online gaming and we will continue to do so. It is pleasing to see among the Recommendations so much of what we already do, and that Gibraltar’s own proposal for national self-exclusion registers has been adopted by the Commission.”
Albert Iola
, Minister for gaming for Gibraltar responding to a European Commission report on the protection of online gambling users and the prevention of underage gambling

“If there was a penalty for hypocrisy, then we should throw the flag on the NFL. The league has gone to extreme lengths to stop New Jersey from the very same behavior in which it now wants to engage. They of all people should understand that when you play the game everyone has to follow the same rules
Raymond Lesniak
, New Jersey state senator and a principle architect of the state’s attempt to legalize sports betting charging that the NFL promotes gaming through fantasy football leagues.