Outrageous pronouncements, simple statements and words of wisdom

“KT Lim is not some yahoo from Podunk with a fancy rendering. KT’s got the resort in Singapore. He’s got the monopoly in Kuala Lumpur. He’s got a lot of cash, and they’re as rich as we are, at least, in terms of companies, in terms of the balance sheets.”
?Steve Wynn, on the financial strength of KT Lim, head of Genting Group, the Malaysian juggernaut planning to develop its first Vegas resort

“What we’re looking to do is re-capture dollars that are escaping the state of New Jersey and use them to benefit Atlantic City. What we’re looking to do is to get gamblers that are leaving the state—not people that are coming to Atlantic City—and diverting them to other locations.”
Stephen Sweeney
, New Jersey state Senate president, defending his position to expand casinos in the state beyond Atlantic City at a recent press conference

“I want them to know that the city of Atlantic City did everything they could to help keep the Trump Taj Mahal open. However, (the company and its officials) still must pay their fair share of taxes, just like our residents do.”
Atlantic City Mayor Don Guardian
, on Trump Taj Mahal employees who will lose their jobs, after Trump Entertainment Resorts announced a December closing of the casino because city and state tax concessions were refused

“I’m a Democrat. I’m no Chris Christie fan. But Atlantic City is not his black mark.”
Former New Jersey Casino Control Commissioner Carl Zeitz
, commenting that the failure of Atlantic City casinos should not be a political issue for opponents of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie in the 2016 presidential election

“It’s a pleasant surprise. Like most cities and towns, we’re boxed in with dwindling revenues and having to create new ones. To have something like this happen is something we’re obviously pleased about because it does not come from our residents.”
Gary Christenson
, mayor of Malden, Massachusetts, commenting on the $1 million that Wynn Resorts is paying his city as part of mitigation for building its $1.6 billion casino resort in Everett

“It’s designed to help ordinary citizens to stay within their limits on how much to spend at a casino. It’s to let people go to casinos and enjoy themselves instead of walking out with that horrific feeling of regret because they spent more than they wanted to.”
Judith Glynn
, an advisor to the Massachusetts Gaming Commission, commenting on a program that rewards casino players who voluntarily limit the amount that they gamble per visit

“Springfield continues to not only get on its feet but is walking and running forward and people are always looking to take shots at us.  It’s time for Springfield now.”
Mayor Domenic Sarno
of Springfield, Massachusetts, reacting to talk that Connecticut might authorize a third casino that would compete with the one that MGM is building in his city

“While some have spoken out against the idea to add a new casino, others view it as a way to protect a major source of state revenue. Whichever way you look at it, the conversation is just beginning and more exploration surely awaits the legislature in the coming months.”
Kevin Witkos
, Connecticut state senator commenting on the talk for a third casino in the state

“Don’t we already have enough gambling in this state? Is money our only value now? For pity’s sake, where will it all end?”
Editorial, the
Record Journal, reacting to talk of a third casino opening in Connecticut

“The thinking that building new casinos at key entrance points along the border will somehow ‘protect’ Connecticut’s gambling interests is like an addict believing that the next hand dealt will be that elusive and long-awaited winner.”
Ray Hackett
, writing in the Norwich Bulletin about state legislators considering allowing a third casino in Connecticut in order to shield existing casino revenues from casinos expected to be built in neighboring Massachusetts