Outrageous pronouncements, simple statements and words of wisdom

“It is an open secret, at least inside the Beltway, that this legislation is being considered as a favor to billionaire casino owner Sheldon Adelson. Mr. Adelson, who is perhaps best known for using his enormous wealth to advance a pro-war foreign policy, is now using his political influence to turn his online competitors into criminals.”
Former U.S. Congressman Ron Paul
, commenting on the Sheldon Adelson-backed Restoration of America’s Wire Act, which would ban online gaming

“These offices are like tourists agencies. They try to attract new mass and premium-mass customers. Some integrated resorts have tried to side step the issue by not using the word casino or promoting casino operations. They promote hotels, restaurants, theatrical productions and other entertainment productions.”
?Manuel Gana, CFO, Belle Corp.


“This is a very dangerous time. It seems President Xi really doesn’t want people to come and gamble any more … Maybe we have to wait seven more years, then, after Xi has left, and only then, we might have a chance for things to go back to the old days.”
?Johnny Fok, Macau-based junket operator, on the Chinese president’s crackdown on high rollers in the gaming city

“There’s no doubt been some diversion from Macau. You don’t want to over-emphasize that, but clearly those more distant destinations have benefited. The Australian and New Zealand markets are benefiting from the crackdown. Having said that all, the Australian operators have put additional resources into that market. It is a reward for effort.”
?Rowen Craigie, Crown Resorts CEO, on jurisdictions that have profited from the corruption probe in Macau

“In particular the Chinese who are very keen gamblers and we’re noting that recently two full charter flights came down from China to Fiji so we know that if we had a casino here there’d probably be a lot more come down as well.”
?Bob Lowres, owner, Naisoso Island, Fiji, on a possible casino at the development

“We are very confident of Macau’s long-term potential, but the VIP business, the high-end business, has been really suffering from the corruption crackdown in China. I don’t think that volatility is going away near-term. This year is uncertain.”
?Jim Murren, MGM chairman and CEO, on the current turbulence in Macau’s casino industry

The former driver for MGM and other casinos in China is now the anvil around their necks.”
?Jon Najarian, co-founder, OptionMonster.com, on the iffy outlook for gaming companies heavily invested in Macau


“The tourists will understand the restrictions. If Macau is so crowded that they cannot even get on a bus or cannot find a restaurant for a meal, I believe even the tourists would not like to come.”
?Alexis Tam, Macau’s secretary for Social Affairs and Culture, on plans to cut the number of people who can visit the city

“Our industry needs innovation and differentiation in order to thrive and stay ahead of your competitors.  It is quite clear that cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and the decentralized internet are here to stay, so we envisage more gaming companies both land-based and digital, along with gaming content developers and providers will follow suit and will integrate Bitcoin payment functionality this year.”
Mark McGuiness,
communications director for Coingaming.io online gaming platform provider specializing in Bitcoin to CalvinAyre.com on the company’s deal to offer Microgaming Quickfire games

“This will not be a rushed process. Any iPoker proposal must put California taxpayers first and must ensure a safe and responsible entertainment option for adults. If done correctly, this legislation could serve as a national model for other states to follow.”
Senator Isadore Hall
and Assemblyman Adam Gray of California, introducing a joint bill that would legalize online poker in the Golden State

“Authorizing and regulating Internet poker in California is the only way to provide security and safety. As has been proven in other states and countries, a well-regulated online poker market can ensure protection of players’ winnings, weed out fraud and collusion, prevent underage play and detect problem gamblers.”
Sacramento Bee, urging the California legislature to approve a bill authorizing online poker

“I have always been a proponent of gaming. I’ve supported it not only for Salem, but for New Hampshire in general.”
Gary Azarian
, a state representative in New Hampshire, supporting a bill that would allow for two casinos in the Granite State

“We do think the market in the Northeast is saturated, particularly with the competition coming online in New York and Massachusetts. It means, generally, new competition has limited ability to grow the market and essentially cannibalizes existing properties.”
Michael Paladino
, analyst for Fitch Ratings, commenting on the New England casino market

“They’d rather spend time and energy chasing slots and casino revenues, and supporting gambling expansion, than focusing on what makes their state unique and what assets they can build on to create a new economy that puts middle-income people to work.”
John Kostrzewa
of the Providence Journal, commenting on Rhode Island state lawmakers reliance on gaming revenue as the third largest source of state government funding

“This will allow Manny to cement his legacy by beating Floyd.”
Bob Arum
, Promoter of Manny Pacquiao, talking a little smack about the upcoming fight with Floyd Mayweather.

“Manny is going to try and do what 47 before him failed to do, but he won’t be successful. He will be number 48.”
Floyd Mayweather, boxer, not so humbly predicting the outcome of his May 2 bout with Manny Pacquiao.

“The process was exhausting, but it appeared to me in all respects to be fair.”
James Featherstonhaugh
, Albany lobbyist with two losing casino bids in New York, commenting on a recent probe against the fairness of the casino bidding selection process in New York.

“Gambling in Barbados takes place almost every minute of the day.”
Adriel Brathwaite
, Barbados Attorney General, trying to sell the nation on building casinos.

“All of the key economic indicators are pointing to a positive outlook for 2015,”
Marc Falcone
, Station Casinos Chief Financial Officer, optimistically predicting the company’s 2015.