Outrageous pronouncements, simple statements and words of wisdom

“We would rather not see Kinmen tourism, which has tremendous potential, impacted by the gambling industry.”
Fan Liqing, Taiwan Affairs Office, on Mainland China’s warning against bringing casinos to Taiwan

“Our strategy has not changed. Supply will create the demand.”
Sheldon Adelson, LV Sands Corp., in a variation of “Build it and they will come,” referring to Macau, which is in a yearlong slump

“The most powerful casino mogul in the world is living a Macau delusion.”
Business Insider, on Adelson’s hopes for a Macau jumpstart

“We believe that once a full smoking ban would be implemented in VIP gaming areas, it would be fatal. We do not oppose the government carrying out measures to control smoking in casinos… but we want our businesses to survive.”
Kok Chi Chong, head of the Macau Junket Operators Association, on the loss of business that could follow a full ban on smoking inside casinos

“This is an atrocious idea that will force many players out of gaming. If anything, the W2-G limit should be raised to $2,000. … I will most assuredly cancel my three to five Vegas trips per year if this passes. I can gamble in the Caribbean without this nonsense.”
Gambler Brian Thompson
, in one of the public comments submitted in response to the Internal Revenue Service proposal to lower the reporting threshold for slot winnings from $1,200 to $600

“I believe every industry has to constantly challenge the way they do business…. Many of the fantasy sports websites cater predominately to our younger, more technologically savvy patrons. My bill was designed to challenge the paradigms of gaming that have been in place for years—fresh and new is good.”
Pennsylvania state Rep. George Dunbar,
on H.B. 1197, one of two bills to legalize online gaming in the state

“We now call on all Beijingers to get behind the city health authorities’ efforts to enforce the law. All of us have a role to play.”
Bernhard Schwartlander, World Health Organization, at an event in Beijing to mark World No Tobacco Day

“In a few months, when we fill the lake and turn on the fountains and the gondolas start to flow, it will be the photo-op in China, just as the Bellagio was in Las Vegas. There’s never been a hotel at this scale in Macau.”
Steve Wynn, on his $4.1 billion Wynn Palace, now under construction in Macau

“There was so much that needed to be done, and the changes they’ve made have been terrific. We’re just excited it’s our turn.”
Jay Kornegay, Westgate Las Vegas Superbook executive director, thrilled to receive countless upgrades in the property’s sportsbook

“I’ve accomplished a lot in this community and I think people will vote for that.”
Susie Lee
, Democratic hopeful for Nevada’s District 4, and wife of Dan Lee, CEO of Full House Resorts, sharing why people should vote for her

“It doesn’t take much to break even. It’s a very low-cost casino and it’s going to draw from a very small area.”
Alan Woinski
, Gaming USA President, speaking on the future of the Yellow Brick Road Casino

“I encourage my colleagues to seriously consider the jobs and the revenue to the state and the benefit that it brings as goods stewards to our state over the past several years.”
Mike France
, Connecticut state representative, arguing in favor of a bill that allow the state’s two Indian tribes to seek a host community for a satellite casino to stop the drain of jobs and money expected to result from casinos in Massachusetts

“There’s so many other rules. There’s laws, there’s ethics commission rules, there’s local rules, so if we’re going to do anything we want to be sure we fit in with everything else that’s already going on, with the topic.”
Stephen Crosby, Massachusetts Gaming Commission chairman, commenting about a proposed rule that would have forbidden elected officials in communities that host casinos from playing in them—a rule that was disapproved

“I’m here today to let the committee know that Indian country will not shy away from a righteous battle – if we did we would no longer exist. If history proves anything, it proves that Indian tribes are fighters. I respectfully ask you not to take this path.”
Kevin Washburn
, head of the Bureau of Indian Affairs, testifying at a hearing of the House Subcommittee on Indians Affairs, which has focused on standards used for putting land into trust