R.I. Casinos Could Offer Lines of Credit

The two slots parlors in Rhode Island would be able to offer “markers” for up to $75,000 under a proposal that was voted onto the Senate floor last week by the Senate Finance Committee. The casinos, Twin River in Lincoln and Newport Grand (l.) in Newport, would be responsible for collecting the debts, not the state.

The Rhode Island Senate Finance Committee last week voted to support a bill that would allow the Twin River Casino in Lincoln and the Newport Grand in Newport to offer lines of credit to gamblers. The casino would be able to offer as much as ,000 in interest free unsecured credit to qualified borrowers.

The panel also endorsed a bill that would prevent casinos in the Ocean State from putting liens on the property of players who do not honor their markers. The casino, not the state, would be responsible for collecting the debt.

Supporters of the bill prohibiting liens, argue that families of players who incur gambling debts are often unaware of that person’s activities and are often the unwitting victims.

Now the full Senate will consider the two bills.