Red Rock Picks NanoLumens

Red Rock Resort has installed three NanoLumens LED visual solutions, including displays that are the largest of their kind in North America.

Electronic display supplier NanoLumens announced that the Red Rock Resort in Las Vegas has installed three NanoLumens 2.5MM NanoSlim Engage LED visual solutions, creating 1,730 square feet of display space in its race and sports book.

The new solutions, as well as three new 12-inch tall scrolling screens as footers, are the largest ones of their kind ever installed in North America. The solutions allow 4K video content to be viewed in Ultra High Definition.

The new digital canvases, installed by Las Vegas-based National Technology Associates (NTA), replace a total of 18 aging video projectors—six per screen—that were costly to operate and maintain, while requiring regular adjustment to the software.

Instead, the three new NanoLumens 2.5MM NanoSlim Engage solutions offer exponentially brighter pictures at lower operating costs, significantly reducing the book’s HVAC energy costs. In addition, each visualization solution had to fit exactly into the existing openings where the previous projector-based systems had been; the modular nature of the NanoLumens technology allowed for exactly that.

“These screens are literally running at just 10 percent of their potential brightness, and are already dramatically brighter than the projection video system they’re replacing,” observed H Waldman, chief operating officer of NTA. The screens, each 31.5 feet wide by 17 feet tall, total more than 1,700 square feet of video surface with a native resolution of 3840-by-2112. They were installed one at a time, with two screens able to remain on at any time, allowing the sports book to operate without interruption.

The NanoLumens Nixels that comprise the walls were simple to install, allowing the walls to be constructed row by row as crews worked behind masking curtains. Waldman explained, “It took about a week to install each solution, which is very fast considering there were a lot of connections to be made with the new head-end AV system we also installed. The NanoLumens Nixels were extremely easy to work with.”