Sands: Hackers Stole Customer Info

The Las Vegas Sands Corp. says computer hackers who invaded its websites last month also stole personal information about some patrons.

Info lifted from Pennsylvania website

The computer hackers who gained access to Las Vegas Sands websites last month stole some customers’ Social Security and driver’s license numbers, the company has acknowledged.

In a statement, the Las Vegas Sands Corp. said the information was stolen from a database at the website of its Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, hotel-casino. As of last week, it was still unclear whether credit card information was also stolen, reported the Associated Press.

Sands officials said they were still looking to see is customer information from other properties was stolen in the February 10 digital raid, in which the hackers slammed Sands CEO Sheldon Adelson for aggressive remarks about Iran made in late 2013.

The hackers managed to disable all the company’s websites for several days. They posted an alarming image of a map, with flames erupting where the Vegas-based company has holdings.

In its statement, Sands officials said that the number of customer accounts that were compromised amounted to less than 1 percent of all visitors to the Bethlehem casino since it opened five years ago 2009.