Slot Manufacturers Push For Millennials

With the passage of Senate Bill 9, which allows for video game-esque elements of skill to be incorporated into slot machines, slot manufacturers are working quickly to bring millennials into casinos.

It is not secret in the casino industry that millennials simply aren’t into slot machines as much as the older generations. Slot manufacturers are doing their best to think outside the box to bring millennials into casinos. Fortunately for them, the passage of Senate Bill 9, which would allow for skill-based elements to be a part of the slot experience.

The thinking is that the games of the future will play like arcade games of the past, giving a component which would appeal to millennials. The bill has been hailed as a “monumental moment” for the industry by Association of Gaming Equipment Manufacturers Director Marcus Prater.

The numbers slots overall have been encouraging however, as Strip slot revenue has increased in eight of the past 10 months, and six out of 10 statewide. Gaming Control Board Research Analyst Michael Lawton said, “We feel comfortable with the improving spending patterns on the slot floor.” The problem is that the positive numbers are not coming from millennials.

Millennials, however, are spending money on non-gaming amenities which tend to be less profitable. These games the industry hopes to bring out sooner rather than later, will feature more than just catchy, hip themes alongside bells and whistles. Work on this idea has been brewing for quite some time, as some slot manufacturers, in anticipation of the bill, have worked on products for over a year.

Gamblit Gaming, a Los Angeles-based company, licensed by Nevada last year, created some new products which were unveiled at the Global Gaming Expo last October. The passing of this bill will bring Gamblit into the market much faster. One game showcased by Gamblit is hailed as a cross between “Wheel of Fortune” and “Words With Friends.” Only time will tell if this addition of skill elements will be enough to capture the elusive millennial generation.

CG Technology, which offers sports betting platforms in Nevada, as well as on-property handheld gaming, hailed the bill.

“CG Technology is excited about the passing of these bills, and is appreciative of the foresight and leadership of the Nevada legislature, Governor Sandoval and the Nevada gaming regulators, as these bills proactively position Nevada as the leader for the sports wagering industry in the United States,” said Lee Amaitis, CG Technology CEO. “These bills pave the way for us to expand our business and service offerings, opportunities we expect to capitalize on shortly.”