SoCal Casino to Introduce MarkerTrax Cashless Betting

Southern California’s Morongo Casino Resort & Spa will be the first Indian casino to introduce the new cashless wagering system Marker Trax. This system was introduced first in Las Vegas.

SoCal Casino to Introduce MarkerTrax Cashless Betting

Morongo Casino, Resort & Spa will soon introduce the cashless wagering system, Marker Trax, that was pioneered in Las Vegas at the Ellis Island Hotel & Casino.

The system allows a casino to extend credit to a casino without handing out actual cash. The money, which may be used in slots, must be repaid.

Morongo becomes the first tribal casino to use the system.

Marker Trax COO Charlie Skinner, told the Press Enterprise, “If you get a gambling credit at a casino today, you can get out of the door as soon as you receive the money.” He added, “The mechanism of our system is to automatically repay unpaid credits when cashing out on the machine.”

To qualify, players must belong to the casino’s loyalty program. The first time it is used the player must insert a card into a slot. After that, the player can download and use a branded mobile app, which talks to a server on the property.

Skinner added, “We do all billing and collection on behalf of the casino, which means that a typical casino has dozens or hundreds of credit accounts, and a casino has thousands or tens of thousands of accounts. You can have it and handle everything.”