Social Card Games Permitted In South Carolina

South Carolina senators, in an effort to change outdated laws, have approved a bill to permit social card games such as bridge and canasta.

Senators in South Carolina unanimously voted to allow social card games, such as mahjong, bridge and canasta to be played by clubs or groups as long as players aren’t betting on the games. Lawmakers are in the process of changing outdated laws. There are 1,802 anti-gaming laws in the state, including bans against card or dice games. The bill Senators passed will advance to the House.

Senator Tom Davis introduced the bill and threatened to sue if his colleagues didn’t vote for the bill. A Palmetto Family Council representative said the language in the bill is tight and he foresees no consequences with its passage.

Davis’s bill is the result of a warning issued by state police to a Sun City retirement facility manager about advertising social club card games. The warning prompted the manager to remove signs and inform clubs they could no longer hold card games. Davis said he was contacted by numerous clubs.