Spot Holder Platform May Eliminate Retail Lines

Brookfield Properties has partnered with Waitwhile to introduce Spot Holder, a program which eliminated the need to wait in lines to get into retail stores. Spot Holder works by providing phone contacts to alert shoppers when their place comes up. It will be tried in several Las Vegas retail shops.

Brookfield Properties has initiated a partnership with tech company Waitwhile to bring Spot Holder, a cloud-based line-management platform, to several Las Vegas retail centers on a trial basis. The platform adds convenience for shoppers faced with lengthy wait times, but also eliminates the need to stand next to one another in line, a benefit in the era of Covid-19.

Because of restrictions to slow the spread of the virus, retailers often force customers to wait outside if the stores are busy.

Spot Holder resolves these issues. Brookfield Properties will institute the concept at four of the shopping destinations in Las Vegas: Grand Canal Shoppes at The Venetian Resort, Fashion Show Las Vegas, Galleria at Sunset and Meadows Mall. The platform—provided at no cost to either tenants or shoppers—helps keep doors open and the flow of customers controlled using social distancing.

“Through the implementation of Spot Holder, we’re able to provide both our retailers and shoppers a platform that delivers a safe and efficient environment for shopping, especially as we head into the holiday season,” said Jeff Cloud, Director of Innovation at Brookfield Properties.

Here’s how it works: Upon arrival to retail stores, shoppers will join a virtual waitlist by providing their name and phone number. They can track their place in line in real-time, allowing them to grab a cup of coffee or visit another retailer until their turn to enter the store comes. When it’s time to return, Spot Holder will send a notification to the phone number provided.

Shoppers can also make reservations ahead of time on the mall website.

“Americans spend over 40 million hours waiting in lines each year and giving that time back to people through technology is incredibly empowering,” said Christoffer Klemming, CEO of Waitwhile.