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Study Details Chinese-Australian Gambling

Monash University in Melbourne, Australia recently issued a report indicating Chinese immigrants are more at risk of problem gambling than Australia's general population. The study also said Chinese immigrants are more likely to bet on dice and card games while white Australians prefer sports and horses.

A report recently released by Monash University in Melbourne, Australia indicated Chinese immigrants in the nation are more at risk of problem gambling than the general population. The report said cultural beliefs about good luck, as well as the opportunity to visit casinos, which is outlawed in their homeland, played a key role in the rise of problem gambling among Chinese in Australia.

The report offered similar conclusions as a 2007 paper by Tian Po Oei and Namrata Raylu at the School of Psychology at the University in Brisbane. That study found white Australians were more likely to bet on sports and horses, and Chinese gamblers on dice and card games. The Monash report also indicated white Australians bet less than $100 on average, and Chinese wagered much more than that amount. In addition, it said Chinese gamblers were more likely to report excessive parental gambling, especially among their fathers.

Meanwhile, casino developers are building Macau-style casinos in northern Australia, including Chinese businessman Tony Fung, who hopes to build the $8 billion Aquis casino resort complex outside Cairns. “Ten years ago Chinese tourism visitation to Queensland was minimal. I compare that to figures released recently where the Chinese are now the second most predominant tourism nation to Queensland and rising,” Fung said.