SugarHouse Casino Temporary Poker Room Hits Snag

Philadelphia’s SugarHouse Casino has proposed a temporary structure to house poker tables while it continues a major expansion of the casino. However, Pennsylvania state regulators say the casino has to submit detailed plans for the structure as it would in any major expansion.

The Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board has blocked a plan by the SugarHouse Casino in Philadelphia to build a temporary structure to house poker while its 5 million expansion is underway. The temporary structure would have housed up to 27 poker tables.

The gaming board’s Office of Enforcement Counsel said the casino must provide detailed site plans and a timeline for how long it will operate the temporary facility.

While the gaming board has approved the casino’s permanent expansion, the temporary facility would increase the facility’s gambling floor by 17 percent and the number of table games by 41 percent.  Any Increases of more than 10 percent requires board approval.

Officials for the casino say they will submit the plans.