Survey: Exhibitors Question Viability of ICE London Location

The ICE Location Analysis performed by research firm Explori has unveiled concerns from exhibitors to ICE London that the ExCeL Centre is not an ideal long-term location for the show.

Survey: Exhibitors Question Viability of ICE London Location

The recently released ICE Location Analysis survey conducted by research firm Explori concerning the long-term viability of ExCeL Centre as the location of the show.

These concerns now revisit an industrywide debate that was seen after first the Covid-19 postponements and then the cancellation of ICE 2021. The survey, carried out during June and July 2021 by Explori, raised concerns not about the venue itself, but its remote location in London’s Docklands section.

Also causing concerns are the difficulties arising from Brexit and the U.K.’s departure from the European Union, the costs of travel and transport for non U.K. exhibiting companies, the costs of accommodation and social events and the costs of exhibiting space themselves when compared to events based on the European mainland, according to a report on

“The exhibitors pay the bills and create the show’s profits but it seems that our opinions on London as the continuing venue for ICE after 2022 do not matter,” complained one executive, according to Yogonet. “We feel that we have been left in the dark, and while the events of this year are both disappointing because of the pandemic and everything that has entailed, we have to look forward, and that includes considering a reset of London as the host venue of ICE beyond 2022.”

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