Swiss Introduce Online Gambling Bill

The Swiss government has introduced a draft of a new gaming bill, which includes online gambling. The bill allows for home poker games, but would not allow foreign companies to offer online gambling.

A draft of a new gaming bill introduced in Switzerland would prohibit foreign operators from offering online gambling in the country. It represents the first regulation of online gambling in the country

Under the bill, small poker tournaments and home games would be allowed, but must be held outside of nationally licensed casinos.

Winnings for online players will not be taxed. Each Swiss canton (similar to states) will be able to license sites and will report to a new federal group that will regulate the industry.

The country’s brick-and-mortar casinos will be able to apply for online licenses, but does not allow online gaming companies located outside of Switzerland to operate in the country.

The bill is only a draft and has sparked debate over the possibility of hidden taxes and calls that online operators outside Switzerland be blocked from reaching Swiss gamblers.