Table Trac Partners to Provide Shooter Suppression Systems

Table Trac Inc. has signed a letter of intent with Crotega LLC to market a patented shooter suppression system to casinos for use in the event of active-shooter emergencies.

Table Trac Inc., a supplier of table-game management systems, announced that it has partnered with Minneapolis-based Crotega LLC to offer Crotega’s patented shooter (armed assailant) suppression system.

“The devastating effects of active shooter events on schools, religious centers, shopping centers and casinos has increased geometrically over the past decade,” wrote Table Track in a press release. “Casino operators have been developing internal plans and training security personnel to be able to respond to such attacks, but the critical part of any response is early detection and the means to disable an assailant before any shooting can occur.

“The costs for such an attack can be substantial to casinos whose priority is primarily and most importantly, saving lives and protecting their customers. Not only can the Crotega system assist in providing a solution, but rebates for insurance coverage can also lessen the cost.”

In response to casino customer inquiries, Table Trac has formed a relationship with Crotega to develop a solution for casinos. The architecture and structure of the suppression system integrates with the security technology of the CasinoTrac casino management system.

The founder of the Crotega product will be available for presentation in the Table Trac Booth #636, at this week’s Global Gaming Expo.