Tax Appeals Court Issues Decision To Kansas Casino

The Court of Tax Appeals in Kansas has declared the value of Star Casino’s property and ordered Sumner County to refigure the casino’s taxes.

Kansas Star Casino and Sumner County were denied by the Kansas Court of Tax Appeals in petitions to reevaluate the casino’s land value of .8 million. The county calculates the casino’s fair market value at .8 million. The casino claims the value is .3 million. There are 195 total acres.

The Tax Appeals court also ordered Sumner County to recalculate the casino’s taxes and issue a refund, if necessary.

Both the county and casino have 30 days from the order to appeal the tax court’s decision.

The casino is also appealing tax bills from 2012-2013. While the appeal was pending, the casino paid $3.3 million for 2012. The bill for 2013 is $7,888,856.62.