Tennessee Attorney Promotes Casino Gambling

A Nashville attorney whose firm works with other states regarding casino gaming law laments that Tennessee does not allow casino gambling. Stuart Scott said a few well-placed casinos in Memphis, Nashville and Chattanooga could raise millions for education.

Nashville Attorney Stuart Scott’s law firm has established a gaming board that works with states like Ohio in regard to gaming law. But his own state, Tennessee, does not allow casino gambling. Scott believes a few strategically located casinos in Memphis, Nashville and Chattanooga could help the state raise millions of dollars fast, particularly for education. He pointed out gambling has generated a couple billion dollars for Ohio in just a few years.

In Ohio, Scott said, “They were losing $500 million a year to contiguous states from people from Ohio going to other states.” He noted the same thing is going on in Tennessee.

Scott has an ally in state Senator Reginald Tate of Memphis who has proposed a casino for Shelby County in southwest Tennessee to help to fund education. However, Tate noted it took 10 years for Tennessee to have a lottery and he said it would take another decade to amend the state constitution again.

Still, Scott remains cautiously optimistic. “I think there are some misperceptions out there. I think some folks that have some very legitimate concerns about bringing some bad things that can come with gambling, I think they should look around and see where it has been before drawing conclusions,” he said.